Behaviorally Launches Flash.PDP™

AI Powered Solution for Optimizing Product Images on the Digital Shelf

(New York) Behaviorally (Formerly PRS), the global leader in behavioral shopper marketing, announces today the launch of Flash.PDP™, an AI vision recognition powered platform that empowers brands to optimize visual content on e-commerce Product Detail Pages to increase conversion and drive sales.

The recently re-branded Behaviorally (Formerly PRS) is the leading global digital consultancy focused on shopper behaviors and visual asset insights. The Company applies decades of global category expertise and a unique behavioral framework to define and diagnose the factors that influence consumer behavior. 

Flash.PDP is an always-on alert system, available by subscription, that uses cutting edge image recognition AI and leverages Behaviorally’s extensive image database to monitor brand visual content on e-commerce Product Detail Pages. Brands are alerted in real time when their visual content is deficient and provided with the diagnostics needed to optimize it and drive sales.

Flash.PDP product lead, Ruben Nazario (Vice President, Digital Shopper Innovation), said, “Digital retail is increasingly complex and challenging for brands to manage. Retailers make all the rules, they differ platform to platform, and the e-commerce team spends most of their days organizing, and correcting product information at the SKU level, in agonizingly tedious detail. We know that 80% of purchase impressions are driven by images, in other words what shoppers see rather than read. Yet most tools that manage product data only address text optimization and compliance. We are uniquely positioned to fill this gap in the market, using our expertise in visual assets insights and shopping behaviors, as well as our extensive image database and best-in-class visual recognition AI. Flash.PDP provides a predictive scoring system for images and empowers brands to optimize deficient images in order to more successfully drive sales.”

Commenting on the significance of the launch, Behaviorally’s CEO, Alex Hunt said, “Our mission as a company is to be relentlessly future-focused, staying ahead of the challenges faced by our clients as they grapple with the increasing complexity of digital retail. Our digital-first commitment has been the driving force behind our accelerated innovation pipeline establishing ourselves as the market leaders in digital shopper. Flash.PDP rounds out our suite of services that define and diagnose paths for influencing shopper behavior, in this case bringing a totally new approach to the critical component of managing images on the digital shelf. It draws from our legacy of unrivalled category expertise in shopper marketing, marrying it with a totally new technology to deliver unparalleled value to our clients, exactly where they need it.”

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About Behaviorally:
We are Behaviorally (Formerly PRS), the global market leader in digital shopper marketing. With decades of experience and category expertise in shopper research, we apply our unique behavioral framework and a digital-first approach to help clients navigate the uncertainty of a changing retail environment. We help brands make better shopper marketing decisions by defining and diagnosing the digital and physical behaviors that drive shopper growth.

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