Thrive in Flux and Stay Ahead


The competitive e-commerce set is constantly changing. Retailer algorithms favor product listings with the most up-to-date A+ content, and listings refresh their content all the time. Additionally, more newcomers enter the marketplace every day, and seasonal items come in and out of the mix.

To succeed in this highly aggressive arena and maximize conversion rates, brands need to have fresh and optimal content constantly. Images are the most important type of content because an image is worth a thousand words. Humans are hard-wired to engage with images over text. Therefore, PDP image optimization is the key to unlocking maximum conversion, but it is an ongoing effort that requires planning and constant iteration.

Flash.PDP™ by eFluence™ evaluates all your e-commerce images, instantly identifying the best performing and weakest visual assets to help guide your optimization strategies. Our groundbreaking approach makes ongoing e-com image optimization turnkey.

So, to refresh, here are the 5 resolutions e-commerce marketing teams should be doing this year to convert sales in the digital space:

  1. Keep it Simple
  2. Use Brand Assets Wisely
  3. Be Clever with Color and Contrast
  4. Learn the Category Rules
  5. Thrive in Flux

Download a copy of our infographic now (pictured right) to remember all the steps to e-commerce success.

To learn more about our Flash.PDP platform, and to get a demo, visit https://efluence.ai/ or contact us at info@behaviorally.com with your e-commerce questions.

eFluence New Year’s Resolution