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Cupid’s Guide to Succeeding in E-Commerce for Valentine’s Day

tiny heart on a white keyboard

Valentine’s Day is here, and shoppers are ready to shell out some major bucks to show their loved ones just how much they care. The US consumer spends on average $175 on chocolate, flowers, and other gifts during this holiday.

Chocolate and candy sales are estimated to reach profits of $1 billion during this Valentine’s Day season, with over 36 million heart-shaped boxes sold. An estimated total of over 50 million pounds of chocolate are purchased just within the week leading up to the holiday. It is estimated that almost half of those purchases will come from online retailers, with Amazon representing the vast majority.

Given the number of candy SKUs, even just chocolate, placed on Amazon, just think about how critical the online information is to that transaction. eFluence’s Flash.PDP™ AI-powered platform highlighted that 28% of hero and lifestyle images on candy PDP pages are deficient – meaning they are actually working against the goal of driving conversion. To successfully compete in the digital environment, it is necessary to ensure images appropriately support your brand narrative and ultimately work to accomplish growth goals.

So how do you get your visual brand assets to support conversion?

  • Utilizing Flash.PDP, instantly pinpoint which of your e-commerce images are performing well and which are deficient
  • Optimize your e-commerce PDP images around crucial KPIs, such as clarity and appeal
  • Sit back and watch the optimized images convert into sales.


This does not just affect Valentine’s Day candies but also other seasonal items. Coming next is Easter, which actually generates even more candy sales approaching 75 million pounds of chocolate. So, get moving to ensure you put your best foot forward if you want to tap into the Easter Bunny’s revenue stream. Contact us today for a demo a https://efluence.ai/ before you miss out.