Be Clever With Color and Contrast


Your images only have a split second to engage shoppers rapidly scrolling through e-commerce listings. A good way to maximize engagement is through color, so often the first element to be noticed.

Using color strategically can help your PDP images stand out from the norm:

  • If your brand colors are familiar to shoppers, make sure they are emphasized and used strategically throughout your PDP images to deliver a cohesive brand story. Check out Hefty trash bag’s consistent use of orange across all its PDP images.
  • Take advantage of contrasting colors. If your brand color is orange, then use a highly contrasting color for accents to emphasize key messages. For example, Hefty uses blue accents throughout its images for emphasis.
  • Avoid bland or low contrasting colors as shoppers will just scroll right past. Follow conventions to convey your product category and its characteristics intuitively (e.g., brown for chocolate visuals, gold for luxurious, green for sustainability).
  • Make sure these conventions apply to the local market. Some colors are interpreted differently in different regions.
  • Unique colors or color accents will help stand out from the crowd. For example, Liquid Death uses black in the bottled water category to stand out against most other primary images that are blue or clear.
  • Some conventions can act as important shortcuts to convey your product category intuitively (e.g., brown for chocolate visuals, gold for luxurious, green for sustainability).

According to our database learning, PDP images that follow these principles outperform the norm resulting in higher conversion rates.

To see if your PDP images employ color effectively, request a demo of our Flash.PDP™ platform, which instantly identifies your top-performing and deficient e-commerce images.


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